6 Student-Favorite TV Shows With Unexpected Plot Twists

Who doesn’t like a good TV show with a jaw-dropping plot twist? It is exciting, entertaining, and often fun. In this guide, you’ll find the best series with unexpected twists and turn to binge after a long day in college.

But be ready – some of them are so intriguing you won’t want to stop watching until you get to the final reveal. Often students do not have much time for relaxation or entertainment as they have to handle a lot of responsibilities. College curricula are notorious for dense workloads, homework, and projects.

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Breaking Bad
This one is already regarded as a modern classic. It is a smartly-written and engaging series with interesting characters in the middle. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is probably a good time to start.

It is a story of a school Chemistry teacher (Walter White) who finds out about his terminal lung cancer. This turns his life upside down, and he becomes a criminal. Together with his former student, they start to produce and sell drugs so that Walter’s family has the means to support itself after his death. And it all gets deeper from there.

It is an exciting show with a realistic approach to serious matters. It has its lighter moments and a lot of drama and insane twists.

The Good Place
It is another well-known series with a major twist hidden in plain sight. This is a story about the afterlife, where Eleanor finds herself in a good place. However, she realizes that it is some kind of mistake as she doesn’t belong here. So she tries to better herself to fit in and find peace.

This is a hilarious show with lovable characters, a great cast, and an exciting plot. It is well-written and is perfect leisure entertainment after a busy student day.

American Horror Story: Murder House
AHS is a long-running show, with every season revealing new mysteries. But the first one has one of the most jaw-dropping turns. It is written as a classic horror that explores favorite tropes and stories inspired by real-life events.

A family moves into an old mansion in Los Angeles. And you can feel that there is something wrong with this place right away. However, there is much more to discover besides ghosts and their stories.

Maniac is a short Netflix series starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill as the main characters. It can be an amazing choice if you are looking for something to binge in a day.

At first, it is difficult to understand what is going on in this dark comedy with sci-fi elements. Two main characters sign up for a new drug trial to earn some money and resolve personal issues. Now they need to navigate through this experience that comes in the form of vivid dreams in various settings and storylines.

You never know what is coming in the next episode and what is going to happen in the end. This one will keep students in their seats for the whole season.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones is famous for its unexpected twists and turns. Even if you’ve already watched it before, you can still re-watch it with enjoyment. It is a fantasy drama based on the books by George R.R. Martin. It has magic, war, swords, and royal intrigues about who is going to take the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

It offers viewers a whole new world with interesting characters and various plot lines to explore. However, do not get attached to characters too quickly – you never know when they might die. This is another thing Game of Thrones is famous for.

The Wilds
If you are into some mystery, check out the Wilds. It is a show about teenage girls who end up on a desert island after a plane crash. Now they need to find ways to survive and work together. All of them come from different backgrounds and have their secrets to be revealed.

Slowly viewers learn that there is something else besides the struggle to get away from the island. The mysteries are going to come to light, and the story behind the crash is going to be revealed. It is a cleverly-written narration with interesting turns of events. If you want to feel even more engaged with the story, watch it during your next trip or vacation.

Other Shows with Unexpected Twists
There are many other different TV shows with exciting or surprising turns of events to check out. Here are some of the best ones:

Prison Break;

This is Us;

The Vampire Diaries;

Dead to Me;

The Handmaid’s Tale;

The Bold Type;



True Detective;


Money Heist;

Mr. Robot;

Behind Her Eyes
The Haunting Of Hill House.

When it comes to series that have been running for 5+ years, some of the twists might not always be great or satisfying for the audience. Yet, they are still very much unexpected when written correctly.

In Summary
Getting immersed in a TV show is one of the best ways to relax and take your mind off everyday worries. This is something every student needs once in a while. Choose any of these titles, and you will not be disappointed.

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