3 Most Exciting Movies about Horse Racing

Horse racing continues to remain a popular sport. This is most likely down to how quick and exciting each race is, with races typically lasting an average of 15 seconds, allowing people to see whether they have won or lost soon after they have placed their bets. Horse racing is also considered an affluent sport, with many well-off individuals heading to the races for a day, weekend or week of luxury. It comes as no surprise then, that there have been countless movies focused on the sport of horse racing.

Do you love horse racing? Or perhaps you find horses in general cute and exciting to be around? Either way, there are many movies that centre on the art of horse racing and that offer you a rush of adrenaline similar to being at a live horse race yourself.

1. Racing Stripes

Although considered a children’s movie, Racing Stripes is a fun film that focuses on a young girl achieving her dreams of becoming a professional horse racer – but with her pet zebra that she and her father rescued and adopted during one stormy night. This story is very much one that focuses on how an underdog can climb the ranks and prove to be number one, making it light-hearted. Plus, if watching a zebra gallop around a racing track excites you, then why not look for a way to watch live horse races in real-time and real life?

You’ll recognise a lot of faces in this film such as Hayden Panettiere and Bruce Greenwood. However, you will also recognise the voices of the animals (which talk!) and realise that it is Frankie Muniz voicing Stripes the zebra and David Spade voicing Scuzz.

2. National Velvet

National Velvet is considered an old film, being released way back in 1944. However, this should not deter you from watching it and understanding why this is a film that is loved by many, many people. The premise of the movie is that Velvet Brown, a twelve-year-old girl, becomes the proud owner of a horse. She decides to train her horse, although this has many complications due to the horse’s wild nature. This film is highly acclaimed, scoring a very high score with critics. You’ll find that National Velvet proudly has a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Secretariat

Are you after a horse racing film based on a true store? Secretariat is a biographical film that is full of drama while also showcasing the great sport of horse racing. You will see the film follow the story of the 1973 Triple Crown winner Secretariat and how the horse came about gaining its title. However, be aware that, like most films claiming to be based on a true story, there are some discrepancies.

Why not spend an evening or weekend watching these three amazing and fun films that will have you glued to the edge of your seat? Horse racing is a popular and adrenaline inducing sport, and you can watch a few of the greatest horse racing movies of all time if you are unable to head to the tracks yourself.

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