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Movie Review: ‘The Dinner Party’

Review by Lisa Payne Jeff (Mike Mayhall) is a dick, sorry I mean a social-climbing playwright. He and his wife Haley (Alli Hart) are invited to a dinner party thrown by Carmine (Bill Sage) and his influential friends who promise to finance Jeff’s play ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Vast Of Night’

Greetings again from the darkness. “There’s something in the sky.” We’ve heard the line, or something similar, in most every UFO/Alien invasion film for the past 70 years. However, while employing a few conventional tropes of the genre, the brilliant directorial debut from Andrew ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The High Note’

Greetings again from the darkness. Who better to play an aging diva at the crossroads of a hugely successful singing career than the daughter of Diana Ross? Of course, nothing is ever that easy and if Tracee Ellis Ross wasn’t ultra-talented herself, the film ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘End Of Sentence’

Greetings again from the darkness. The pandemic has put most blockbusters and mainstream releases on hold, allowing the projects of many first time filmmakers to jump to the front of the line for exposure to critics and streaming platforms. Director Elfar Adalstein’s first feature ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘School Spirits’

Review by Lisa Payne When a movie starts with a creepy version of a nursery rhyme, you know you’re in for some otherworldly mischief. “What was that?” “Probably some animal.” “That’s what everyone says before they are attacked by some psycho.” THANK YOU! That ...Read More

Movie Short Review: ‘$tack$’

Greetings again from the darkness. The set-up is a familiar one. Two tough guys, armed with weapons, snap at each other about the meeting that is about to go down. Tensions are high. Taking place in an underground garage for privacy, and as the ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Among Them’

Review by Lisa Payne Two bank robbers, Mick (Dan Liebman) and Harry (Jonathan Thomson) have left their third accomplice Keith (Nick Apostolides) who was shot during the robbery. We don’t see it, only hear. This ratchets the tension up immediately. What it also did ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Lucky Grandma’

Review by Lisa Payne Nai Nai (Tsai Chin) is a bad-tempered, disobliging, and quarrelsome Grandma. Perfect! After visiting a neighborhood fortune teller who says Nai Nai’s lucky day is coming, she withdraws all of her money from the bank and blows it all at ...Read More