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Documentary Review: ‘Rewind’

Review by Lisa Payne Imagine all major family celebrations being videotaped from your earliest moments after birth. Let that sink in. “The camera immediately became a wall between Henry and the family.” – Jacqui Neulinger From the moment Jacqui said this, I had a ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘South Mountain’

Greetings again from the darkness. The grill is fired up and the beer is cold. Friends and family are gathered in the Catskills. Everything seems pretty normal until writer Edgar (Scott Cohen) sneaks off to take a “work” call in the privacy of a ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Wretched’

Review by James Lindorf “The Wretched” is the second film from writing/directing team Brett and Drew Pierce, who were behind the 2012 zombie cult hit Deadheads. “The Wretched” stars John-Paul Howard as Ben, Piper Curda as Mallory, Jamison Jones as Ben’s father, and Zarah ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Human Zoo’

Review by Lisa Payne Contestants are recruited for a reality show, Solitary Confinement. The premise is they are filmed 24/7 for an audience on the internet with no interaction with each other or anyone else. We see the interviews, and the variety of reasons ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Jack In The Box’

Review by Lisa Payne People never, ever learn! Two things I don’t f with – clowns and jack-in-the-boxes. They are creepy as hell. When you find something buried in the ground, there’s usually a reason. Respect the lore. Curiosity does indeed kill the cat ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Angelfish’

Review by Lisa Payne Angelfish is a culture chase romance. Brendan (Jimi Stanton) is from a broken family with an alcoholic, all around bad mother and a brother in constant trouble. Eva (Destiny Fresqueri) is from a traditional Puerto Rican family. All their hopes ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Cry Havoc’

Review by Lisa Payne A very ambitious reporter (Emily Sweet) is granted an interview with The Voyeur (Richard Thompson) who also happens to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Of course she should really know better, but this is a crime horror movie. ...Read More