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Movie Review: ‘Behind You’

Review by Lisa Payne Mom dies, two sisters, Olivia (Addy Miller) and Claire (Elizabeth Birkner) are dispatched to their weird aunt’s house accompanied by a caring neighbour/friend, Camilla (Aimee-Lynn Chadwick). The girls are met by Charles (Philip Brodie), who is a friend of their ...Read More

Move Review: ‘The Sharks: (Los Tiburones)’

THE SHARKS (Los Tiburones, 2020) Greetings again from the darkness. Uruguayan writer-director Lucia Garibaldi has seemingly designed her first feature film specifically for film critics at festivals (it was well received at Sundance). I can’t recall a coming-of-age film with a less-accessible lead character, ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘For Jennifer’

Review by Bradley Smith In 2018, three friends decided to make a horror film using their phones and gopro cameras. For Jennifer is the fourth such movie that blurs the lines between fiction and reality as the “making” of an unrelated “Jennifer” movie morphs ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Butt Boy’

Review by James Lindorf Chip Gutchel is an IT Engineer, a husband, father, and he is also in a bit of a rut. Chip has reached the age where a trip to the doctor for his yearly physical now includes a prostate exam. While ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Getaway’

Review by Lisa Payne Tamara (Jaclyn Betham) and her two best friends, Maddie (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Brooke (Landry Allbright) plan a weekend girls’ trip to the lake. The local yokels, father and his thick as pigshit sons, can never leave women alone without kidnapping ...Read More

Movie Short Review: ‘Look At Me’

Review by David Ferguson Greetings again from the darkness. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Better yet, are you satisfied that the person looking back is the person you want to be? First time filmmaker Nika Fehmiu asks us to ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Abominable’

Review by Lisa Payne A team of scientists rock up to an abandoned science station in the ice and find it deserted. You have the smart one, the bossy one, the skeptic, the dumb one, the tracker and the one left behind. They listen ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Just Mercy’ Blu-ray

Greetings again from the darkness. 2019 movie year brought us BRIAN BANKS, CLEMENCY, and now JUST MERCY. Three movies centered on death row and racism in the justice system. Being imprisoned for a crime one didn’t commit is simply something most of us can’t ...Read More

Watch ‘Spectrum Of Love’ Movie Short

Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month is finally here and we are proud to present this touching piece on the Harrison family. Shot in Northern California, this film shines a refreshing new light on a family with two autistic older boys. Many other films have tackled this ...Read More

Movie Short Review: ‘Gets Good Light’

Review by Lisa Payne A luxury condo serves two dreams, both involving better lives for very different reasons. By day, it’s for sale. By night, it provides shelter for an illegal family targeted by ICE for deportation. Gets Good Light contrasts the shadows of ...Read More