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‘SXSW’ Movie Preview

Preston Barta // Film Critic Though 2017’s movies are still so fresh with the awards season having just wrapped up, it’s 2018, which means the next crop of award contenders loom on the horizon. And what better way to get a sampling than to ...Read More

‘Women Texas Film Festival’ 2017 Preview

It’s year two for Women Texas Film Festival (WTxFF), and while that in itself is an accomplishment, it’s certainly no surprise. Coming off a well-received inaugural 2016, Founder and Artistic Director Justine Walford’s festival remains the only one in Texas dedicated solely to “women ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Can Hitler Happen Here?’

Film review By L.C. Cragg Shot in black and white in the spirit between “Whatever happened to Baby Jane?” Whatever happened to Baby Jane? and a classic ““ The Twilight Zone” episode, this surreal psycho drama reflects stylistic choices that provoke and entertain. The ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘Song To Song’

Review by James Cole Clay Reclusive filmmaker Terrence Malick started his career off strong with what many film enthusiasts label as “masterpieces,” followed by a near 20 year gap. Since 2011’s Tree of Life, the Texas based artist has been rather prolific, releasing three ...Read More

2017 Oak Cliff Film Festival Recap

The 6th annual Oak Cliff Film Festival ran June 8-11 and included even more local venues this year … further proof of the organizers’ commitment to spotlighting this unique neighborhood within the monstrosity known as the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. Despite the challenging schedule (much ...Read More

2017 Oak Cliff Film Festival Preview

The 6th annual Oak Cliff Film Festival kicks off Thursday evening (June 8, 2017) at the historic Texas Theatre on Jefferson Blvd in Dallas. The festival has grown each year and is now nationally recognized for its unique and vibrant melding of film, music, ...Read More

USA Film Festival 2017 Review: ‘Witch-Hunt’

Greetings again from the darkness. There may not be a mass-market audience for ultra low-budget supernatural horror-thriller-comedies, but that doesn’t stop writer/director Philip Schaeffer and his cast of seven actresses from delivering a rollicking good time. Best viewed late at night and preferably with ...Read More