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Movie Review: ‘Beyond The Gates’

Every once in a while, I will watch a movie without reading reviews or watching some kind of preview beforehand. It is rare these days, but it does happen. I did that with the new film Beyond the Gates and, overall, I was pleasantly ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Anonymous’

In Anonymous, Alex Danyliuk is a teenager studying computer programming. His mother runs into some financial trouble leading Alex to turn to a life a crime and identity theft in order to save her house. He then turns his focus to causing chaos amongst ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Nobody Walks In LA’

Two friends take a day off from their lives and walk around Los Angeles to reminisce, talk out their problems, and reevaluate their relationships. In the vein of Ferris Bueller, Nobody Walk in LA is a beautiful and simplistic story about one day in ...Read More