‘Your Worst Nightmare’ Preview Saturday On Investigation Discovery

A Way Out premieres Saturday, March 2 at 10/9c As investigators dive into the missing persons case of 13-year-old Jessyca Mullenberg, they soon realize the meticulous planning that went into her kidnapping. And the lengths that her calculating abductor is willing to go to avoid being caught.

Season Finale March 9

From monsters hiding in the closet to the boogeyman lurking in nearby shadows, evil can interrupt even the sweetest of dreams. But what happens when a bad dream is actually a walking nightmare? Using classic suspense film techniques, YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE brings real thriller crimes to life on ID.

Cruel Intentions premieres Saturday, March 9 at 10/9c It’s love at first sight for 19-year-old Ashleigh Lindsey when she is introduced to Josh Mahaffey by his roommate, Scott. But when she decides to move in with Josh and Scott, it soon becomes clear that there’s not room for all three of them under one roof.

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