‘Words And Pictures’ Trailer, Clip And Featurettes With Clive Owen And Juliette Binoche

A writer whose talent has dried up and an artist, struggling to paint as her body betrays her, clash at the school where they teach, sparking both a flamboyant courtship and a school-wide war: which is more powerful, the Word or the Picture? Golden Globe-winner and Academy Award-nominee Clive Owen (“Closer”) and Academy Award-winner Juliette Binoche (“The English Patient”) star in WORDS AND PICTURES, a romantic drama directed by Fred Schepisi from a script by Gerald DiPego. Golden Globe-winner and Oscar-nominee Bruce Davison (“Longtime Companion”), Navid Negahban (“Homeland”) and five-time Emmy-nominee Amy Brenneman (“Judging Amy”) also star. Curtis Burch and DiPego produce, with Nancy Rae Stone executive producer. Ian Baker (“A Cry in the Dark”) is cinematographer, Academy Award-winner Patrizia Von Brandenstein (“Amadeus”) is production designer, and Academy Award-nominee Peter Honess (“L.A. Confidential”) is editor.

[youtube video=”mp8hebwmAIw” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

[youtube video=”OkcVAbKCiZc” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

[youtube video=”iLOl87IutJ4″ width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

[youtube video=”k4Keoh356ZU” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]


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