Woods Hole Film Festival Review: ‘Capturing The Flag’ Racial Realties Of Voter Suppression

Review by by L.C. Cragg

The racial realties of voter suppression are emotionally and authentically explained through the eyes of voter suppression volunteers. Producer /Director Anne de Mare adeptly focuses a magnifying glass on the crucible of Cumberland County, North Carolina. This deeply personal, important and timely film follows the journey of voter protection volunteers: Laverne Berry, Steven Miller and Claire Wright.

The film also provides background and factual realties starting with the 2013 dismantling of the Voter Rights Act of 1965. Four days before the 2016 November Presidential Election, we are placed in a front row seat to the with racial realties of voter suppression.

The film answers other important question as to why in a democracy do we still need to take action to defend, “One Man, One Vote ”? The film also champions a message to realize that voter suppressionist’s are trying to reshape the definition of democracy,
“When you take away a person’s Right to Vote you take away every other constitutional right they might have.” said one U.S. Veteran interviewee. Laverne Berry also explained, how voting is an act and faith and belief in our democratic system.

The film reveals to the stark reality that there are serious flaws in our voting system that need to be changed. That need for change starts with a need for education of the problem, which this film delivers, including an important call to action.

Perhaps the other political issues are drowning out de Mare’s message, but with November 2018 midterm elections approaching, this story couldn’t be timelier.

Check out their website for move information on the festival.

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