Woods Hole Film Festival Documentary Review: ‘Afghan Cycles: Empowering Oppressed Women Through Sports’

by | Jul 29, 2018 | Festivals, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Review by by L.C. Cragg

This film empowers and reveals the consistent oppression of women in Afghanistan, through the efforts, commitment and inspiration of the members of Afghan Women’s National Cycling team.

Many women athletes today take for granted: safe space to practice, freedom from shame, and a sense of cultural empowerment in the nations in which they practice and compete. This film explains that this is not the case in Afghanistan, where customs, perceptions, social stigmas and family values inhibit the girls’ ability to practice and ultimately compete.

This film with a slower pace, for a very fast sport allows time for the topics to be absorbed by its audiences. Cycling in itself provides a sense of freedom, which is what all the women in this film crave.

Throughout history women’s rights have been championed by action, support and comraderies. The film depicts the women’s/girls’ challenges and commitment despite their countries oppressive realities.

This film delivers a unique take on a centuries old reality, the second-class status of women. Whether you are a cyclist enthusiast, a champion for women’s rights, or are open to new and empowering and enlightening documentaries, this film is worth a look. The film projects the themes of hope and freedom, for all women.

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