Win A Copy Of The Paperback ‘Little Dancer Aged Fourteen: The True Story Behind Degas’s Masterpiece’

LITTLE DANCER AGED FOURTEEN: The True Story Behind Degas’s Masterpiece (Other Press Paperback; On-Sale November 24, 2020; $15.99), out now in paperback, award-winning author Camille Laurens delves into the world of Edgar Degas’s muse, Marie van Goethem, providing not only fascinating insights into the young woman, but also exploring the master behind the famous sculpture and the many layers within his work. Laurens’s passion for her subjects is evident in LITTLE DANCER AGED FOURTEEN, and readers will be absorbed by her journey into the slums, the famous Opera House, and Degas’s art studio in nineteenth-century Paris, as well as her unending quest into historical records to uncover what happened to Marie van Goethem. This slim, heartfelt volume is both a portrait of an artist and his forgotten model, and a meditation on how many are born to a life of suffering, deemed unimportant, and ultimately forgotten.

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