Win A Copy Of The Book ‘Requiem For A Mouse: A Novel’ By Miranda James

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Berkley Prime Crime Hardcover Original; on sale June 25, 2024

Librarian Charlie Harris and his ever-intuitive feline friend Diesel must catch a killer in a deadly game of cat and mouse in this latest entry. Charlie and Helen Louise’s wedding is only a month away, so the last thing Charlie needs is a new mystery to solve. Enter Tara Martin—a shy, peculiar woman who’s recently started working part-time at Helen Louise’s bistro and helping Charlie in the archive. When she abruptly leaves a housewarming party with a terrified look on her face, Charlie wonders if she’s hiding from someone. When Tara is viciously attacked and ends up in the hospital, Charlie knows his instincts were correct—Tara was in trouble, and someone was after her. With the help of his much beloved cat, Diesel, Charlie digs deeper, and discovers shocking glimpses into Tara’s past. Will they catch the villain before Charlie’s own happily ever after with Helen Louise is ruined?