Win A Copy Of ‘Breaking Ice’ DVD

Indie film leader Random Media and Liberty Video Ltd. proudly announce the worldwide digital streaming and DVD debut of the compelling new sports documentary, BREAKING ICE, on June 15, 2021. An absorbing true story in the same vein of Disney’s Cool Runnings, but eschew of the overplayed underdog clichés, the film chronicles a small but determined team’s dream of becoming the first-ever team from Ireland to compete in the Winter Olympic games — and the challenging politics-ridden road it took to get there. BREAKING ICE is the story for anyone that’s ever dreamed big, only to find their hopes inexplicably dashed, but never gives up, featuring a story largely unknown outside (and even inside) Ireland. It was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Jason Branagan, and told via a compelling blend of new and period interviews, re-enactments and animation. DVD and Digital Documentary Release Set for June 15, 2021.

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