Win A Copy Of ‘Blood On The Moon’ Blu-ray

Director Robert Wise is at the helm as Robert Mitchum, Robert Preston, and Barbara Bel Geddes star in this taut Western thriller about a gunslinging drifter who realizes he’s been hired to be a villain. Out on the Texas frontier, Jim Garry (Mitchum) rides into town, quickly getting caught in a simmering confrontation between homesteaders and cattle ranchers. After accepting employment from an old mercenary friend, Tate Riling (Preston), Garry comes to realize that Riling has been manipulating the tensions between rancher John Lufton (Tom Tully) and the local settlers in a bid to swindle the Luftons out of their livestock. Garry becomes torn between his conscience and his greed until he finds himself falling for John Lufton’s daughter, the formidable Amy (Bel Geddes). Soon, the two old friends will face off in a bloody showdown from which only one will leave alive. Often cited as a true “Noir Western,” this lost classic aptly demonstrates both Robert Mitchum’s and Robert Wise’s rapidly rising talents, elevating a superb shoot ’em up to something that sits with the viewer long after watching. Long unavailable on Home Entertainment, Blood on the Moon rides in looking better than ever thanks to this brand new 2020 1080p master on Blu-ray Disc. Based on the novel Gunman’s Chance by Luke Short.

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