Who’s Watching ‘The Walking Dead’ According To Twitter Users

With the return of The Walking Dead season 5, social media channels came roaring back to life w/ speculation about Rick’s group’s fate in Terminus.

Now, with the dust settled on episode 1, social analytics firm StatSocial dissected the show’s global fan base in a comprehensive report of TWD’s Twitter users, looking at who exactly is engaging with the #TheWalkingDead hashtag before, during and post-season premier.

The report looked at a ton of interesting metrics – a sample of which were:

– Age range, race, gender, locale (country, state, city, etc.)

– Favorite celebs (Norman Reedus, FTW!), interests, other TV shows, etc.

– Favorite brands (foods, music, and much more)

Click on the file below to see the stats.

StatSocial TWD Report

courtesy of: stat social

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