Watch ‘Undateable’ Promo Returns Friday, October 9


Every underdog has his day. Based on the adventures of everyone who’s ever tried to navigate the treacherous world of dating, comes a new comedy about a group of friends trying to get in the game. When self-proclaimed ladies’ man Danny ( Chris D’Elia, Whitney ) takes on Justin, a socially awkward bar owner, as his new roommate, he finds himself surrounded by Justin’s circle of painfully single friends. Convinced he’s the ultimate player, Danny decides to teach this crew of misfits everything he knows about getting lucky. From the guy who always ends up in the “friend zone” to the dude who blurts out whatever comes to mind, Danny’s got his work cut out for him. But the biggest surprise comes when he realizes that no one’s perfect and he could stand to learn a few lessons himself.

Undateable Goes Live! (Preview)
Undateable is going LIVE for its third season, starting with a special one-hour premiere, Friday, October 9 at 8/7c on NBC.

The Undateable Cast Talks Going Live (Interview)
The stars reveal all the exciting new things coming to the new LIVE season of Undateable.

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