Watch Trailer For ‘Ramblin’ Freak’ Acquired By Gravitas Ventures

Gravitas Ventures has announced the acquisition of all rights to Ramblin’ Freak, which premiered at SXSW earlier this year. They will distribute the docu-styled narrative feature from first-time filmmaker Parker Smith on demand in October.

In the wake of a devastating personal tragedy, struggling would-be filmmaker Parker Smith decides to take a road-trip across America. Intending to make a “lo-fi” documentary about his journey, he purchases a decade-old camera on eBay, and is surprised to discover that it holds a long-forgotten video tape containing strange home video footage of the notorious bodybuilder Gregg Valentino, AKA “The Man Whose Arms Exploded.” Convinced that Valentino’s tape found its way into his hands for some important existential reason, Parker sets off from Austin to New York. His quest is to find the fading bodybuilder, armed with only his beloved cat, two cameras and a minivan. A surprising backstory on Smith that bonds him to Valentino comes to light as the stripped-down production results in an emotionally moving film.

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