Watch Trailer For ‘My Hero’s Shadow’

Much of the world only knows Shane Stant, the man that swung the baton that struck Nancy Kerrigan in 1994, as a villain. My Hero’s Shadow is his story.

A flip side to I, Tonya, My Hero’s Shadow tells the story of the event that would change figure skating forever from a different perspective. Maile Stant was only 2 years old when the attack happened and only knows the person her brother became after this event. Maile has never asked Shane about who he was before 1994 and what took place that day at Cobo Arena – until now.

In 1994, Shane Stant swung the baton that famously took out Nancy Kerrigan in “the whack heard round the world.” For the first time, Shane shares his full story – from the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, to the detailed planning and execution of the attack and how prison forever changed him. We also see this notorious hitman through the eyes of his younger sister. While the outside world only knew Shane’s violent past, Maile (two-years old at the time of the event), only knew Shane’s compassion and care. He was her protector from the abuse of their father. Maile, now 26, is finally ready to confront her brother’s past, as they sit-down to talk about it for the first time.

With never-before-shared details, Shane tells his full account of the the attack in a heart-to-heart with Maile that may forever change their relationship. As we follow Maile’s journey to accept her hero’s dark past, we learn that the Hitman, like most of us, is more than his worst act. From writer/director Justin Young comes one of the most powerful films of the year, My Hero’s Shadow. Executive producers are Justin Young, Marcus Young, Kevin Welch.

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