Watch Trailer For ‘Friends Effing Friends Effing Friends’

A post-modern romantic comedy about sex amongst friends, missed opportunities, unrequited love and how the grass always appears to be greener on the other side…Jacob, a freelance copy editor from Los Angeles, struggles to find love as he clings to the carefree, selfish ways of his youth. With the help from his best friends, Steve and Laura, a couple who are going through their own troubles, Jacob is begrudgingly set up with Sarah, a writer in need of an editor, under the guise of work. Jacob and Sarah hit it off immediately, however, when Jacob is invited over for a dinner, he meets Sarah’s wild and beautiful roommate, Camille, who’s about to move out of town. Desperate to “get to know her” before she leaves his life forever, Jacob overplays his hand, once again stirring up the pot before the water has even been poured. Steve is on a sexual warpath of his own, constantly over-sharing the details of his explicit, extracurricular activities with Jacob. Like a devil on Jacob’s shoulder, Steve pontificates about his guilt-free ideologies and sexual proclivities, putting Jacob between a rock and a hard place when it comes to Laura, whom he is also a great friend with. As things fall apart within personal relationships, one thing leads to another, snowballing out of control, and no one is safe. Recklessly blurring the lines of friendship and sex amongst friends, the conflict becomes Man versus Man as each Friend tries to find love within the group, all while internally battling their own egos to find happiness.

Gravitas VOD Release Tuesday, October 11.

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