Watch Trailer For ‘Uncaged’

Release: March 17, 2020 (VOD & Digital HD On Leading Digital Platforms & DVD)
Written/Directed By: Dick Maas (Sint, Amsterdamned)
Produced By: Maria Peters, Dave Schram, Dick Maas
Starring: Sophie Van Winden, Julian Looman, Mark Frost, Reinus Krul, Victor Löw
Distributor: 4Digital Media
Production Company: Shooting Star Film Company and Parachute Pictures
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Language: Dutch (English subtitles) and English

After finding a gruesomely slaughtered farmer’s family just outside Amsterdam, the police call Royal Zoo’s veterinarian, Lizzy for help. She immediately sees what must have caused the bloody mutilations: an enormous, aggressive lion.

Nobody believes her and it isn’t until after a bloodbath at the main park that the authorities agree with her plan to deploy the British hunter, Jack, to catch the killer lion. However, tensions rise as Lizzy’s boyfriend Dave starts to worry about Lizzy and Jack’s previous romantic relationship getting in the way. But even he must admit that Jack is their best chance to prevent more bloodshed on the city streets.

The hunt is on…

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