Watch Trailer For ‘The Sleepers’ On HBO Monday

THE SLEEPERS, a six-part drama series from HBO Europe follows an incredible story taking place at the end of 1989 in Czechoslovakia when the Soviet Empire was crumbling – an era which has rarely been documented on screen. In the midst of the Velvet Revolution, which brought 40 years of Moscow’s dominance in the country to an end, an ordinary woman gets caught between the two worlds of State Security and the dissidents. She is gradually forced to uncover unexpected secrets kept by both.

The series will be available to U.S. subscribers starting MONDAY, MAY 18 on HBO GO, HBO NOW, and partners’ streaming platforms. It will also be available on HBO via HBO Max when the new streaming bundle launches on May 27th.

The story opens in London, October 1989, where a married couple, Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) and Viktor (Martin Mysicka), who defected from Czechoslovakia under dramatic circumstances 12 years ago, are on their way to Prague. Marie, a professional violinist, longs to see her family again, but Viktor’s motives are less clear. Both anticipate that after the political turmoil in East Germany, Hungary and Poland, the winds of change will soon sweep across Czechoslovakia as well. But it doesn’t take long for them to realize that that time hasn’t yet arrived. After an unexpected turn of events, Marie lies unconscious in a hospital, and Viktor has disappeared without a trace. Worried and distressed, she ends up alone, in a country she doesn’t understand anymore, and which doesn’t understand her.
At the project’s helm is internationally celebrated director Ivan Zacharias who notably served as lead director on HBO Europe’s acclaimed mini-series WASTELAND; also available on the service. Cast members include Hattie Morahan (“Beauty and the Beast,” “Alice Through The Looking Glass”) David Nykl (“Arrow,” “Stargate: Atlantis”) Martin Hofmann and Lenka Vlasakova. THE SLEEPERS is the debut project from screenwriter Ondrej Gabriel.
HBO Europe’s producers include Tereza Polachova and Steve Matthews. Jan Bilek produces for Etamp Film.

Episodes include:

Episode 1
Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) and Viktor (Martin Mysicka) return to Prague after 12 years in exile. But suddenly Viktor disappears in dramatic circumstances and Marie must find him in a Czechoslovakia that is far from being free – and with the spy agencies of several countries watching her every move…

Episode 2
Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) gives Gerald (David Nykl) a second chance and meets the mysterious Alexandra (Anita Krausova) – and learns more than she bargained for about her missing husband. Meanwhile Berg (Martin Hofmann) continues to investigate against Vlach‘s (Jan Vlasak) explicit order, while his girlfriend Miluska (Kristyna Podzimkova) takes bigger risks than she should.

Episode 3
Marie enters the Soviet military zone on her own in search for clues to Viktor’s (Martin Mysicka) whereabouts. Berg (Martin Hofmann) tracks down the car that hit Viktor and Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) and confronts Vlach (Jan Vlasak) with a shocking revelation.

Episode 4
In disguise Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) loses herself in the city, avoiding her pursuers as she closes in on the truth about what happened to her and her husband. Berg‘s (Martin Hofmann) resolve will be tested in the military zone; Gerald (David Nykl) carries out his own investigations, while Susanne (Hattie Morahan) plans her revenge on him.

Episode 5
Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) wakes up in a psychiatric ward where she is effectively imprisoned. Gerald (David Nykl) is desperate to resolve the situation with Viktor (Martin Mysicka) while Susanne (Hattie Morahan) hunts for them both. November 1989 comes and goes, a new regime runs the country and Marie’s dissident ex-boyfriend Petr (Petr Lnenicka), rises to power.

Episode 6
Czechoslovakia is free. Marie‘s ex-boyfriend, Petr (Petr Lnenicka), has a stellar career ahead of him as he begins a relationship with Miluska (Kristyna Podzimkova). Susanne (Hattie Morahan) thinks she holds all the cards but other sinister forces are at work – and finally Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova) must face the bitter truth about her husband

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