Watch Trailer For ‘The Mimic’ Available Friday, February 5

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Featured, Movie Trailers, Movies | 0 comments

Based on a true story, this clever, intriguing, and hyperbolic comedy follows the main character – ‘the Narrator’ (Thomas Sadoski) who is befriended by his young new neighbor ‘the Kid’ (Jake Robinson), after he joins the local newspaper team.

Obsessed with the idea that the Kid may be a sociopath, the Narrator goes to extreme lengths to uncover the truth about him and his wife, a woman he ultimately begins to fancy. Between long walks down the street, a twisted dinner date, and a car drive gone terribly wrong, the Narrator gets closer and closer to the truth about the Kid. But the truth, as he finds, is anything but what he expected.

THE MIMIC! The film will be releasing in limited theaters, and available on VOD beginning Friday, February 5, 2021!

THE MIMIC is written/directed by Thomas F. Mazziotti and stars Thomas Sadoski (The Newsroom), Jake Robinson (American Odyssey), Austin Pendleton (Finding Nemo, Oz), Gina Gershon (Showgirls, Riverdale), Marilu Henner (L.A. Story, Taxi), Tammy Blanchard (Into the Woods, The Invitation), Didi Conn (Grease), Josh Pais (Motherless Brooklyn, Joker), Jessica Keenan Wynn (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again), Doug Plaut (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), with M. Emmet Walsh (Blade Runner, Sneaky Pete), and Jessica Walter (Arrested Development).