Watch Trailer For ‘The Great Deceiver’ Available Tuesday, August 25th

The edge-of-your-seat film tells the story of a businessman who’s world is turned upside down when his teenage daughter is kidnapped, unleashing a series of inexplicable dark omens that draw him deep into the world of a sinister plan created by the greatest deceiver of them all… Satan. Produced by TogethermenT Films, THE GREAT DECEIVER stars Francisco Ovalle, Katlynne Grace, Gary Alan Kauffman, Natalie Alexander and Robert Miano. A harrowing suspense that is created in the vein of cutting-edge classics like ‘Blue Velvet,’ ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Get Out,’ it blends classic mayhem with supernatural drama and horror, in a unique story full of twists.

THE GREAT DECEIVER, a new psychological thriller created by well-known music producer turned filmmaker, Riz Story. It releases on Digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and more, worldwide beginning August 25, 2020.

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