Watch Trailer For ‘Survival Skills’ Available Friday, December 4

Cranked Up Films, Good Deed Entertainment’s genre label, has announced the acquisition of dark comedy SURVIVAL SKILLS. The independent studio will release the film, starring Stacy Keach (“Man With a Plan”), Vayu O’Donnell (“9-1-1”), Spencer Garrett (Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood), Erica Kreutz (“Dead to Me”), Tyra Colar (“Guiding Light”) and Emily Chisholm on demand and digital, December 4 with a limited theatrical planned ahead of its digital street date.

Survival Skills is a biting police training video from the 1980s expertly narrated (Keach) like so many of the educational videos we remember fondly from a most radical decade. Lost for years and only now recovered, we meet Jim (O’Donnell), the perfect policeman in a perfect relationship in a perfect community, who gets in over his head when he tries to resolve a domestic violence case. Before long, the ugly underbelly of the ‘Good Guys in Blue’ begins to expose itself and Jim decides to take matters into his own hands.

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