Watch Trailer For ‘Siesta Key’ On MTV Tuesday, June 16

Whoever said “the truth will set you free” has never been to Siesta Key #MTV

This season, the crew believes that keeping secrets and telling lies will maintain peace this time around. However, they quickly discover that whoever said “the truth will set you free” has never been to Siesta Key, and when the truth comes out, nothing will ever be the same.

About the new season:

After finally calling it quits with Robby and Alex, Juliette finds herself in a new relationship with Sam and is working for one of the biggest fashion entrepreneurs in Siesta Key.
Alex’s infidelity remains a secret from his girlfriend Alyssa, who later shocks him with pregnancy news.
Chloe and Alex are at odds again after she meddles in his relationship one too many times, which jeopardizes her career.
Madisson and Ish, her boyfriend and former “Siesta Key” producer, struggle to make long distance work.
Kelsey and Garrett are giving their relationship another shot, but Garrett is still having a hard time trusting her.
Brandon is forced to pursue a more traditional career path after his music career comes to a standstill.

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