Watch Trailer For ‘RockBarnes: The Emperor In You’

Freestyle Digital Media, an on demand and theatrical distribution division of Byron Allen’s global media company Entertainment Studios, has secured rights for ROCKBARNES: THE EMPEROR IN YOU, from the mind of Writer/Director Ben McMillan who makes his feature film debut with the title. The comedy styled as a mockumentary will be released wide on demand July 3.

Broken Lizard player Erik Stolhanske (Super Troopers, Super Troopers 2, Beerfest) stars as the titular guru alongside Madisen Beaty (“The Fosters), Chad Michael Collins (“Extinct”), Joe Hursley (Espionage Tonight), Erin Cardillo (“Passions”), Jack Plotnick (“Grace & Frankie”), Ethan Phillips (“Star Trek: Voyager”), Sonya Eddy (“General Hospital”) and James Grace (Super Troopers).

Stolhanske delivers an award-winning performance as narcissistic self-help guru “RockBarnes.” This mockumentary follows the illustrious RockBarnes as he hires a movie crew to go on tour with him and record his greatness for the world to see. But when things go awry, and his world starts crumbling all around him, RockBarnes does what any egotistical anti-hero would do: he fires the director, holds the camera crew hostage, and goes about making an epic opus of grandiose delusions.

“In the age of narcissistic leaders, RockBarnes is as relevant as ever,” said Writer/Director Ben McMillan. “Our whole team is excited to partner with Freestyle on distribution and share our guru with audiences.”

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