Watch Trailer For ‘Ovid And The Art Of Love’ Out Tuesday, May 19

Written and Directed by Esme von Hoffman

Starring Corbin Bleu, John Savage, Tara Summers, Tamara Feldman, Sam Haft, Joseph McKenna, Lailani Ledesma

Executive Producers Greg Johnson and Jared Safier

A nation struggles under its vainglorious leader, whose obsession with family values masks his ineptitude and insecurity. Fed up, citizens push back using everything from parody to outright rebellion. It could be the United States in 2019 AD … but in Ovid and the Art of Love, it’s also Rome in 31 BCE.

Set centuries apart but in the same place, Ovid and the Art of Love tells the story of the renowned Roman poet Ovid, whose comic verses and permissive lifestyle provoked the brutal Emperor Augustus’s ire. As Ovid and the emperor’s granddaughter – thrown together by fate – race to escape execution, Ovid’s story asks: In a world of unrest, is love the most radical act of all?

Bringing together togas, high-tops, oration, poetry slams, and hip-hop, this lm tells a timely story about power, pleasure, and politics. Strong women characters clamor for respect and a better place in society. All is set amongst the faded beauty of modern Detroit’s neoclassical architecture.

OVID AND THE ART OF LOVE Official Trailer from Level 33 Entertainment on Vimeo.

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