Watch Trailer For ‘Elvis From Outer Space’ Available Tuesday, July 7th

Ladies and Gentlemen, the King of Rock N’ Roll From Outer Space has blasted into Vegas from the far side of the Universe to compete in an Elvis impersonation contest with the best in town!!! But just as he is on the verge of victory, he mysteriously vanishes. Who’s behind the disappearance? The mafia? The CIA? Or the aliens he left behind?

Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Release Date: July 7, 2020 on Apple TV, Prime Video and digital platforms
Directed & Written by: MZ Silverman, Tracy Wuischpard
Cast: George Thomas, David Heavener, Diane Yang with Martin Kove, Robert Miano, Alexander Butterfield and Sonny West
Also Starring: Lauren Elaine, Barry Ratcliffe, Dianna Renee, Frank Cavestoni
Producers: MZ Silverman, Van Don Jordan, Robert Elliott Balter
Distributor: Giant Pictures

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