Watch Trailers For ‘Cults And Extreme Belief’ Monday, May 28 On A&E

The premiere on May 28th delves into the controversial “self-help” organization NXIVM, recently catapulted into the spotlight with the arrests of its leader, Keith Raniere, and high-profile member and actress, Allison Mack on charges of sex-trafficking. The group stands accused of drawing supporters down a path of destruction that includes near-starvation diets, sexual assault, forced branding, pseudo-slavery, and blackmail.

Additional organizations that will be explored this season include Jehovah’s Witness, Twelve Tribes, Sanctuary Church, Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, The Family and U.N.O.I. now known as Value Creators. In each episode, Vargas will go on a search to uncover how these sects use their influence to prey upon people’s desperation to create powerful and often destructive belief systems. Each episode will take an immersive look at one currently active group through the eyes of past devotees and get perspective from believers and leaders that are still inside.

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