Watch Trailer For ‘boyband’ Web Series

This aesthetically-pleasing comedy web series is directed and produced by independent filmmaker Colleen Griffen (known for THE COLD AND THE QUIET, THIEVES QUARTET) and is executive produced by her husband, Joe Chappelle (Chicago Fire, The Wire, Fringe, CSI: Miami, The Twilight Zone). boyband provides a behind-the-scenes look at five young singers – Lance, Preston, Yancy, Chad and Shaun – coming together to form a boyband. As they cope with their budding fame and the struggles of writing their first album, this cohesive collection of high school harmonics is poised to dominate the boyband scene over the coming year. The style of boyband is similar to that of The Office and THIS IS SPINAL TAP, incorporating interviews with the band members and documentary-style footage.

boyband stars include newcomers Jacob Bond, Matthew Chappelle, David Colton, Noah Eisfelder and Peter Semla. In season 2, which will debut this Valentine’s Day, the band is joined by David Eigenberg (Sex and the City, Chicago Fire), Christian Stolte (PUBLIC ENEMIES, LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, Chicago Fire, Boss), Joe Minoso (Shameless, Chicago Fire), Yuri Sardarov (ARGO,Chicago Fire), and LaRoyce Hawkins (Chicago PD, Ballers) in guest star roles. Each episode averages 5 minutes, with a total of 25 episodes spanning two seasons.

One remarkable fact about boyband: seasons 1 and 2 were created on a micro budget of under $200,000. Season 1 was shot over a five day period while season 2 was shot over a three week period, all taking place in Evanston, Illinois. Part of the Griffen-Chappelle mission is to create a larger presence of Chicago-based film and television. Largely every cast and crew member of boyband is based in Chicago – no one was flown in for the project. boyband will be released on YouTube and Vimeo.


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