Watch Trailer For ‘American Reject’

RELEASE: On Digital and On Demand April 12

DIRECTOR: Marlo Hunter

WRITTEN BY: Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone

KEY CAST: Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, Frank Monteleone, Connie Ray, Rebecca Black, Annaleigh Ashford, Mary Birdsong, Keala Settle, Angelica Hale, Perez Hilton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Juvenile

LOGLINE: A singing hopeful on America’s hottest singing competition is catapulted into the depressing afterlife of reality television fame.

SYNOPSIS: American Reject is a comedy with original music based on writer and star Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone’s experience as a top contestant on a reality show singing competition. Directed by Marlo Hunter, it’s a big-hearted story that isn’t afraid to get messy, with a cast of entertaining characters played by some of your favorite stars of stage and screen, including Keala Settle, Angelica Hale, Annaleigh Ashford, Rebecca Black, Perez Hilton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Juvenile.

Kay is the most recent reject from America’s hottest singing competition POP STAR NOW! As she mourns her public elimination, she’s forced to participate in the network’s “After The Cut” filming, and is sent to her hometown to move back in with her mother and the simple life she left behind. With nothing on the horizon and a cameraman following her every move, she is reacquainted with her past and finds herself in the town’s annual Easter Spectacular. As it turns out, losing is her only way to win.

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