Watch Trailer For ‘100 Days Wild’ On Discovery Friday, August 21

In the Tanana Valley, an untamed corner of Alaska 200 miles away from civilization, a small band of hearty souls are looking to carve out a new life. For the last five years, group founders Jennifer and Andrew have searched for others tough enough to forge a self-sustaining colony in the last frontier. The pair know that new people bring fresh ideas and innovative skills, but the founders have their own rules and expectations of how to live in this unforgiving environment. Enter Adam, Oliver, Gerrid, Christine, and Evan, five strong-minded, independent pioneers. They’ve come to Alaska to build the life they’ve been dreaming about in the lower 48 but none of them are used to being told what to do and how to do it.

As temperatures plunge, this band of seven is looking to harvest the Tanana Valley’s extensive natural resources of moose, salmon, bear and grouse. To make that happen they’ll need to build four winterproof outposts throughout the river valley. The goal is to hunt and gather enough to last through the sub-zero temperatures. “Successful communities have a shared value system” explains, Andrew .

And while there is no established leader and everyone is said to be equal, those egalitarian ideals are quickly tested by the harsh realities of surviving Alaska. If they can’t figure out the rules, they will fail. All must be playing the same game to succeed.

Friendships are borne, romances are developed, personalities clash. While they came together around the shared dream of a self-sustaining community, they all soon learn that may be the only thing they have in common.

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