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Vision Films is set to release “F For Franco”, a new documentary that explores James Franco’s deeply personal artwork and identity, from writer/director and Franco’s former professor, Francisco J. Ricardo. “F For Franco” will be available on DVD & VOD on May 23rd, 2017.

James Franco is perhaps best known to audiences for his work in blockbuster hits such as “Spiderman”, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” or “127 Hours”. But Franco is not just an overnight sensation. More than an actor, Franco is an author, a visual artist, and director of some groundbreaking work. In this documentary, filmmaker Francisco J. Ricardo navigates between real and fake through his unconventional examination of Franco’s inspiration and creative process in his projects. Ricardo takes a multi-layered exploration into the creative mind of James Franco.

I don’t feel bad because all these misrepresentations; in fact, there is a side of me that likes them.” – James Franco

“F for Franco” features James Franco (“Spiderman”, “127 Hours”, “This Is The End”) and special appearances from Seth Rogan (“Neighbors 1& 2”, “22 Jump Street”), Evan Goldberg (co-writer “Superbad”), Frank Bidart (Harvard-educated poet).

Francisco J. Ricardo is a musician, philosopher, author, and art theorist. He holds two degrees from Harvard; a Certificate of Advanced Studies and Masters of Education as well as a degree from Boston University (Ph.D Humanities Computing). Dr. Ricardo taught in the Digital+Media Program at the Rhode Island School of Design where he taught James.

“F For Franco” was produced by Adrienne Chamberlin. Co-Editor R.J. Placko. Associate Producers, Liz Phillips, Steve Akahoshi, Sharon Brown, Max Clark, Joel Eisenberg, Lori Girsh Eisenberg, and George Fifield.

“For us, the line between entertainment and reality is very blurred.”
– Seth Rogan

Francisco J. Ricardo says: “As Hollywood is present only as a superficial reference in the visual arts, this film was an attempt to document works and methods of someone intimately familiar with film who projects its history into multiple media forms. As a student in the Digital+Media Masters Program, James Franco’s work stood out as varied and unusual. After getting to know Franco and seeing his vast, extraordinary collection of experimental film and video, which detailed and documented the creation of certain other works, I realized that acting is a very small part of Franco’s entire creative horizon. The range of material he works with is in some ways reflective of his own evolution from actor to artist to writer – but not necessarily in that order. I wanted to explore it. Honest and raw personal interviews between Franco and I over the course of four years became the foundation for a journey that takes audiences through years of creative works with footage from Franco’s personal archives unveiling works never-before- seen by the public. The film is a labor of love and the product of these talks and Franco’s own art.”

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