Watch Trailer For ‘Destination: Planet Negro!’ Out Friday, June 10

One part ’50s Goofball, Time-Traveling Sci-Fi, One Part Trenchant Social Commentary, Writer/Director/Star Kevin Willmott Takes Audiences on an Unforgettable, Campy and Hilarious Journey, Also Starring
Empire’s Trai Byers and Wes Studi.

In 1939 Jim Crow America, a group of African American intellectuals decide their only way to freedom — leave the planet and populate Mars. Using technology created by George Washington Carver, a three-person crew (plus one rambunctious robot) lift-off in Earth’s first working rocketship! Their out of this world journey leads them to present day America where the future may not be what it seems. While illuminating some hard truths about modern American culture, can they return to the past while protecting history from those who threaten the future? Will be available via VOD and digital HD on all leading digital platforms on June 10, 2016.

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