Watch Trailer For ‘The Amazing Adventure Of Marchello The Cat’

An exciting adventure story that the millions of lovers of cat videos will cherish, The Amazing Adventures of Marchello the Cat was created over six year, with real cats. It is the first-ever movie filmed from a cat’s point of view (eight-inches off the ground). A unique and captivating story of Marchello (voiced by TROY GARITY), the adventure begins when he is left home alone and escapes out a window.

After hide-and-seek with a cat-crush named ‘Jujube’ (voiced by MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ), Marchello finds himself alone and lost. His action-packed odyssey to return home includes many cat challenges, including an encounter with a cat-napper, a wise squirrel (voiced by JEREMY SISTO), duplicitous crows, and a tough-talking street-wise cat, ‘Blackie’ (voiced by JEREMY PIVEN). However, through his perilous journey and adversity, Marchello discovers his true heroic cat power, that enables him to help other animals. In an age saturated by studio formula-films, The Amazing Adventures of Marchello the Cat is a truly unique independent family film. September 5, 2017 on DVD and Digital.

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