Watch Trailer For ’39’ Starring Natasha Gregson Wagner And Robert Wagner

This is Forty meets Woody Allen in 39, an L.A-drenched yarn about finding one’s place in the world – before turning 40.

Featuring an ensemble cast including Josh Evans (The Doors), Natasha Gregson Wagner (High Fidelity, Lost Highway), Robert Wagner (Austin Powers, Hart to Hart), Marshall Bell (Total Recall, Rescue Dawn), Roxy Saint (Death in the Desert) and Alexia Landeau (2 Days in New York, Marie Antoinette), 39 premieres on DVD and VOD this month from BrinkVision.

Struggling to balance a divorce from his wife Tabitha (Natasha Gregson Wagner) and a career in film-making, Adam (Josh Evans) finds himself succumbing to Hollywood’s many temptations. Plagued with guilt and burning desire to escape his unhappy relationship, Adam seeks support from his father (Robert Wagner), therapist (Alexia Landeau), and attorney (Marshall Bell) without success. Not until he meets Diamond (Roxy Saint), his rockstar muse, is Adam able to find asylum in the City of Angels.

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