Watch Trailer For ‘100 Streets’ From Idris Elba

In his directorial debut, notable British television director Jim O’Hanlon (Emmy and Golden Globe nominated “Emma” and Emmy, BAFTA nominated “House of Saddam”) provides a gripping and moving portrayal of individuals faced with real and recognizable struggles outside of the normal stereotypes. Brought on by Elba and a proclaimed “actor’s director,” O’Hanlon captures nuanced performances from an impressive cast who truthfully depict this story poised as an accurate portrayal of Modern-day London. First time writer/producer Leon F. Butler who penned the script was keen to make a film about the ‘real’ London, which ultimately resonated with both O’Hanlon and Elba, Elba noting the hugely diverse city is often times inaccurately depicted, however Butler’s script brought forth a believable account of London life.

As a nod to CRASH, AMORES PERROS and also inspired by real stories, 100 STREETS explores the inevitable sense of loneliness urban alienation can deliver, a part of life apparent in any big city but very much so a part of the London makeup according to O’Hanlon. In the same one hundred streets of London you can find widely different characters from widely different backgrounds of life moving socially in very different circles, while still living out their lives.

In select theaters & on demand Jan. 13th.

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