Watch ‘Top Gear’ Preview Sunday On BBC America

BBC AMERICA’s upcoming season of the world’s biggest motoring entertainment show, Top Gear, will premiere on Sunday, October 18th at 8pm ET/PT. The new season sees hosts Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris tackle a giant carnival-inspired Wall of Death driving old insurance write-offs, hurtle down a ski slope in Cyprus in €30 (≈ $36) holiday hire cars, and race around an eerily empty Alton Tower Resort in the latest electrics.

BBC AMERICA’s new trailer, featuring Labrinth’s Express Yourself, shows a glimpse of the lead up to an ill-fated Lamborghini Diablo incident with Paddy behind the wheel, as well as its aftermath on a flatbed truck. Elsewhere in the trailer, Freddie attempts to go 200mph in a 1990s Jaguar, the hosts find themselves strapped into chairs on top of their cars, and Paddy’s latest ‘build,’ a fully electric all-terrain ice cream van called Mr Nippy, gets put through its paces in sunny Blackpool. In addition, the trio teases their attempt to remain in their Volvo S60 Hybrid, Tesla Model 3 and BMW 330 Hybrid cars for 24 hours straight in Paddy’s hometown of Bolton. Oh, and The Stig drives a tank!

The new season of Top Gear halted production back in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but after a greenlight from the Government of the United Kingdom, production was resumed in mid-June with a new approach to finish the season. For the in-studio segments, the hosts left the confines of their regular Top Gear studio, a hangar at the show’s iconic track in Dunsfold, Surrey, filming instead outdoors on the racecourse in front of a 500-strong socially distant drive-in audience. 160 cars filled with fans got to see the trio entertaining from a big main stage flanked by video screens, as well as from a smaller satellite stage located in the middle of the drive-in crowd


Freddie Flintoff

Former Ashes-winning England cricketer and TV presenter
Twitter: @Flintoff11

Paddy McGuinness

Entertainment host and comedian
Twitter: @PaddyMcGuinness

Chris Harris

Returning motoring journalist and racing-driver
Twitter: @harrismonkey

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