Watch ‘Three Days in Auschwitz’ Trailer

Vision Films is set to release a very special film – “Three Days in Auschwitz” – which brings audiences on an emotional and evocative journey with director Philippe Mora, accented by a moving score from music legend Eric Clapton.

Born the year after World War II ended, Philippe Mora was a second-generation holocaust survivor who lost eight members of his family at Auschwitz. For many years, Mora was unaware of the role his father played in the French Resistance and the story of how his mother had evaded certain death at Auschwitz by just one day. Now Philippe Mora returns to the barbed wire fences that corral the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp—a symbol of barbarianism and what humans are capable of. From Melbourne, to Paris, and London, Mora traces the people who lived through the horrors of concentration camps and discovers how his own life might have been ended before he was even born. Despite it’s dramatic themes, Three Days in Auschwitz leaves us with a valuable and uplifting message: The resilience of the human spirit over tragic circumstances, and the importance of learning from our past so that we can better ensure a brighter future.

Eric Clapton co-produced and composed and performed the original score, which is not available for sale and can only be heard by viewing the film.

Mora, born in 1949 in Paris, is an award-winning director with two major retrospectives in Poland 2010 (New Horizons Film festival) and Germany 2014 (Oldenburg film festival life achievement award). He directed many major theatrical motion pictures, including Howling II & III, Death of a Soldier, Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Swastika and Mad Dog Morgan, and is an accomplished painter inspired by the memories of holocaust survivors and his feelings about the Nazis.

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