Watch Previews Of ‘Brain Games’ Sunday Night

Brain Games: Brains Behaving Badly
Premieres Feb. 28, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT
Host Jason Silva visits New Orleans, Louisiana, to explore the brain and bad behavior. A series of games and experiments demonstrate how the brain has an evolutionary predilection toward doing the wrong thing. Dr. Piers Steele from the University of Calgary shows how sloth affects the brain. Dr. Carrie Wieland from Tulane University puts the evolutionary origins of envy to the test. From guilty pleasures to vicious vices, you’ll learn why we’re drawn to behaviors that ruin us, how to fight back against enticing evils and why some negative emotions are actually critical for survival. Behavioral expert Dr. Alex Cohen of Louisiana University shows us how the brain can switch to anger even when it should be perfectly happy. Magician Jamy Ian Swiss tricks a group of gamblers into being greedy, and Dr. Abigail Baird, associate professor of psychology at Vassar College, explores lust and what drives the brain wild. Get ready to be bad.

Brain Games: Life of the Brain
Premieres March 6, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT
Everyone’s brain changes throughout life, expanding and contracting, shifting points of views, adjusting perspectives — you wake up every day with a brand new brain. Host Jason Silva heads to the New Jersey Shore to show how the mind’s point of view shifts over a lifetime. Dr. April Benasich at Rutgers University conducts a brain game designed for babies against an adult, and the results are surprising. Dr. Abigail Baird of Vassar College hits the boardwalk to examine the “tween” brain, while Dr. Jason Chein of Temple University shows how risk-taking behaviors vary between teenagers and adults. If you learn something about the life of the brain, you may find you have a renewed patience for those at a different stop on the brain’s journey. Associate Professor Cindy Lustig from the University of Michigan tests how the changing brain affects our cognitive recognition and tracking. Get ready to see where your brain started as a baby, how it evolves through tween-hood and adolescence and where it is going as an adult and into old age. Who knows, with new technological innovations in neuroscience, one day your brain might live forever.

With the help of a behavioral expert Dr. Alex Cohen (Louisiana State), and some hidden cameras, we’re on a mission to find out what it takes to push an ignored bar patron from unhappy to angry to wrathful.

We asked volunteers to pick the face they were most attracted to. Then we revealed something truly shocking.

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