Watch Preview Of TLC Series ‘Long Lost Family’ Sunday

Chris travels to Baton Rouge to meet Renee, who seeks to unlock the mysteries surrounding her birth mothers identity. Renees adoptive mom was a delivery nurse at the same hospital Renee was born at. Although she wasnt working on the day Renee was born, her moms co-workers at the hospital most likely know information about Renees birth mom- theyre just not telling.

The mystery thickens when Renee reveals she thinks that on one occasion when she was a child, her birth mother was even at her house its up to Chris to get to the bottom of the story, and find the truth about Renees adoption.

Meanwhile, Lisa heads to Pennsylvania to meet Tom and Elaine who are looking for the son they placed for adoption while they were High School sweethearts over 30 years ago. At the time of the babys birth, they had no idea they would end up staying together, getting married and having more children- without their first born son, they now feel their family is incomplete.

Elaine and Tom have been searching for years, and at one point thought they had found their son. Sadly, their dreams were shattered when a DNA test revealed the man they had found was no relation to them. That bitter disappointment, coupled with a family tragedy, fuels Lisas efforts to locate their son.

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