Watch Preview Of Sportsman Channel’s ‘Shed Wars’ Thursday, May 21


Sportsman Channel’s Shed Wars puts the focus on a booming market for antlers. They are a rare find, making their discovery all the more worthwhile. So worthwhile, those who seek them endure weeks at a time in the wild under harsh conditions – often in dangerous locations – including the Rocky Mountains. Five teams, comprised of brave men and women, will experience the adventure of antler season with a goal of bringing in the best sheds for the most money.

Teams diligently prepare in hope of heightening their chances at success. Preparation includes: scouting and tracking herds, training antler dogs, prepping high-tech gear and off-road equipment; and their greatest challenge – prepping for weeks of survival in the blistering winter winds of the mountains. But the season does not end there, as prospectors must fine-tune their haggling and negotiating skills to – hopefully – cash out the day’s find with potential buyers.

“Shed Wars is a unique take on a hunting season many of us never get to see or experience,” said Marc Fein, vice president of programming and production for Sportsman Channel. “The competitive nature of the show adds to the suspense, and viewers will really get a sense of who these characters are, and be able to relate to them along the way.”

The teams take great risk for what they hope will be an even greater reward. Viewers will experience the triumphs and perils along with each team member, learn their stories and follow along on a journey to rack ‘em up and rake it in.

· Bone Daddy – Brady “Bone Daddy” Dixon (Fruita, Colo.) is always convinced the next big score is just around the bend. Dixon is relentless in his pursuit for the next record breaking shed set. Love him or hate him, it is his way or the highway.

· Fish – Fish Fisher (Bozeman, Mont.) has a long history of shed hunting. With the good book at his side, he is out to share the message and stack some bone.

· Team EZ Street – Bush pilot Tana Grenda, her brother Tom and husband Adam (Bonners Ferry Idaho), are all about having the upper hand. With ATVs, snowmobiles, dogs and an airplane at their disposal, they can overcome any obstacle standing in their way, and claim the hardest to reach shed piles.

· Team Adrenalin – Josh Yandle and Justin Lottman (Dotsero, Colo. and Avon, Colo., respectively) make up this two-man team. These fearless men will always attempt to go the distance and take on even the most dangerous terrain.

· Overdrive – Justin Greshko’s (Edwards, Colo.) obsession with antlers keeps him awake at night. With the agility of a mountain goat and the veracity of a bear, there is no mountain that can contain him.

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