Watch Preview Of ‘My Life Is A Telenovela’ Friday

FINALE EPISODE: Season 1 Episode 8: THE STARLET LETTER! – Airing Friday, December 2 at 11PM ET/PT
In the epic season one finale of “My Life is a Telenovela,” tension ignites when Enrique makes a last ditch effort to unearth Raquenel’s story and does the unthinkable; snatches a letter from Raquenel’s tainted past that has never been opened! While he and Sissi plan to take Raquenel down, Raquenel’s stardom is on the rise as “Eva La Trailera” comes to an end. To seal the deal and land his dream job, Enrique sells his soul to the devil and he must now get Raquenel to do an interview with his potential future boss, Carlos Mesber. Meanwhile, Raquenel is on the hunt to get her letter back and she panics as the note may hold a dangerous fate while Enrique tries to do everything in his power to get Raquenel’s story out on national television. But when the letter Raquenel fears the most finally opens… will the contents bury her in guilt or finally set her free?.

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