Watch Preview Of ‘Hair Goddess’ Wednesday

This Wednesday, July 12th at 10/9c on TLC’s brand-new series HAIR GODDESS, the day of the Manhattan salon launch party has arrived and so far, it’s been a disaster! The citywide protest is still in full tilt, yards away from the salon. The only thing the Olivia Christensen team can do is call the vendors, reach out to party attendees, speak with the cops and hope that beauty blogger Kristie Dash shows up. It may just take a miracle to make this event a success!

Then, mother-of-two Kim is coming to the New York City salon for a consultation. For Kim, getting long hair symbolizes far more than changing her look. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost all of her long hair when she underwent treatment. Now that Kim is cancer-free, her pixie haircut is a daily reminder of the illness that nearly took her life. Christina has worked with cancer survivors before and each time it is an emotional and transformative experience. Kim will be no exception. Meanwhile, Jenn secures a big PR opportunity for Christina but the two sisters clash over salon business. Will they be able to settle their differences aside or will their bickering affect the business?


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