Watch Preview Of ‘Ghosts In The Hood’ On We tv Thursday

“Ghosts in the Hood” – Episode 5: “Ain’t Nothing But A Redwood G Thang” – Airs Thursday, 2/2 at 10pm ET/PT
Since 2008, Downtown LA has been home to the Redwood Bar where female employees have felt the sinister presence of someone watching them while they work. The gang deploys new technologies to capture evidence of their frightening encounters to help the patrons and employees understand what kind of entity they are dealing with. While out in Altadena, the group tries to help a woman with a babysitting business figure out whether or not the home she inhabits is also inhabited by someone or something else…

About “Ghosts in the Hood”
Throughout the series, the O.P.O. investigates the unknown, solving cases ranging from a spirit-plagued Piñata shop, to a grocery store afflicted by the practice of Santa Muerte, to a bar whose unexplained hauntings has guests and workers refusing to enter. Working to solve two cases an episode, the team has a lot of ground to cover and spookiness to uncover, which is why each individual has a specific role to play. Deficio Stoglin, the CEO of the O.P.O., created the team to bring peace of mind to his clients and restore their businesses and homes. Jasmine Orpilla, the team’s medium, communicates with departed spirits to understand whether their intentions are benign or malevolent. Dave Purdy is the technical expert of the team, who creates ghost-hunting gadgets that deliver results. Maunda Oyin is the group’s chief researcher who scopes the neighborhoods for histories of hauntings. Lastly there is Matty Richards, long-time friend of Deficio, who helps the team with research and most importantly, much-needed humor.

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