Watch Preview Of ‘Four Weddings’ On TLC Saturday, July 21

FOUR WEDDINGS, premiering Saturday, July 21 at 9/8c with all-new, two-hour episodes. In a fresh twist, the featured brides are not strangers, rather they are close friends and/or family members – and the grooms are teaming up with them to help pull off their magical day.

These blushing brides are all getting married around the same time and they will evaluate each other’s weddings based on six categories: venue, food, dress, entertainment, originality and overall experience. The bride with the highest score will win an all-expenses-paid honeymoon for herself and her husband. With such a considerable prize on the line, the veils are coming off as the brides engage in some friendly competition and naturally try to one-up each other in their quest to nab the top prize.

During the premiere episode, fans can show which bride they’re rooting for to win the honeymoon of their dreams. They will be able to vote using Facebook reactions at

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