Watch Preview Of ‘My Kid’s Obsession’ Wednesday, December 28 On TLC

Across the country, five kids show off their unusual collections they’ve spent years gathering in the TLC upcoming special, MY KID’S OBSESSION, premiering Wednesday, December 28 at 10/9 C. While others may see their treasures as strange, these kids have found an affinity for the unique things in life. The offbeat curiosities include an unusually large set of vacuum cleaners, a cockroach family reaching into the thousands, an impressive assortment of fans, and a brother/sister team’s collection of fishing lures that is in the running for the Guinness Book of World Records title. The hour-long phenomenon makes the bizarre, relatable and is full of surprises. Our kid collectors include:

– Reese is 11-years-old from North Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and will blow viewers away with his many fans.
– Shelby is 10-years-old from Claremore, Oklahoma and has a collection of cockroaches that will make your skin crawl.
– Logan is 14-years-old from Sibley, Iowa and only wants one thing for his birthday, a rare vacuum cleaner that has escaped him for years.
– Spike and Katie are the brother/sister duo, 12 & 8-years-old, from Carterville, Illinois that are in the fight for a world record amount of fishing lures.

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