Watch Preview Of ‘The Doll Life’ Tuesday On Myx TV

Season Finale Description: Season two culminates in an unforgettable finale as Stephanie scrambles to put on Pride Con’s Fashion Show all on her own. Unfortunately, the entire Pride Con had to be canceled due to financial problems. As the Dollhouse melts down, Paula tries to place all of the blame on Stephanie. In the midst of the chaos, both Stevie and Stephanie worry that their jobs are in jeopardy if the fashion show doesn’t go on. The week hurtles towards a dramatic end as Stevie turns on Stephanie, his best friend. The fighting between the dolls reaches epic proportions just as Stephanie manages to salvage the Pride Con Fashion show. The surprise return of both Audra and Tiffany shakes the bonds between the Dolls to their core with a whopper of a cliff hanger ending.
Photo: The season wraps with the Pride Con fashion show as drama between the dolls reaches a boiling point.

Every Tuesday at 8/7c on Myx TV, viewers will get an inside look at the ups and downs of running a fashion house.

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