Watch ‘Nova’ Preview Of Three-Part ‘Making North America’ Premieres Wednesday, November 4

The new 3-part NOVA series, “Making North America,” premieres November 4th, 11th, 18th on PBS.

It’s like a 3-billion-year biography of our magnificent continent and a road trip back in time. As you can see, we’ve had some serious growing pains!

The series shares the amazing stories beneath our feet — of how the land formed, how animals and people got here, and how those things are so intertwined.

Intrepid host and guide Kirk Johnson crisscrosses the US, traveling to about 18 STATES (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Utah, etc.)

Kirk rappels into the Grand Canyon, flies low over active Hawaiian volcanoes to see new land form, scales an Alaskan glacier (and also finds palm frond fossils in that icy state), dives in the Bahamas, hunts for dinosaur fossils in the Midwest, tours a gold mine in Sierra Nevada Mountains, sees how oil is formed in California’s tarpits, and more.

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